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Laboratory for Circuits And Systems?

Laboratory for Circuits And Systems is performing research in the various semiconductor circuit and system designs. Inspite of the growing DSP market, analog signal processing circuits are essential, because all mother nature is still analog system, even human beings, too. In Laboratory for CAS, graduate students have opportunity to participate in the research projects among Mixed-signal circuits and systems design. For details of the research in each area click the banners.



서울특별시 성동구 행당동 17 한양대학교 공업센터 별관 601-1,2 회로 및 시스템 연구실 [133-791]

Laboratory for Circuits and Systems, #601-1,2 Engineering Center Annex, Hanyang University,  Haeng-Dang Dong, Sung-Dong Ku, Seoul, 133-791 Korea.

Tel : 02-2291-0375 (연구실)